Accessibility Statement


Forge has monthly meets at the same venue, on occasion we may have funding to run additional events, and if there is ever an event held at a different venue this will be announced beforehand.

Our main venue we use serves as a community hub for the wider LGBT+ population across Greater Manchester and beyond.

It is located in the city centre accessible by numerous bus routes and bus stops within a short distance. The nearest rail line is 500m away.

Please email for more info/directions.

General physical accessibility:

There is a loading bay and 2 dropped curbs in front of the building which allow you to be dropped off in front of the building but there is no onsite parking. There are 8 parking bays opposite the building, including 4 accessible parking bays for Blue Badge holders but bear in mind that these often tend to be full so alternate parking may need to be considered.

When arriving there are intercom buttons to the right of the automated door and press the button for the room Forge is running in and the committee will let you in. Typically this is the Community Lounge but if you’re not sure which floor you are going to, feel free to ring all the buttons asking for Forge and someone will come to the door to let you in.

The automated door in the main entrance leads into the entrance lobby, where the stairs and lift provide a means of accessing the first and second floor. There are 23 stairs between each floor, with two landings spaced every 7-9 steps. Two fire escapes are also provided on the ground floor. The doors inside the building aren’t automated.

Refuge spaces for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility are located in the hallways of each upper floor, two on the first floor and one on the second floor with a call point on each floor in case of a fire.

We typically have Forge meets on the ground floor and if the meeting is moved to a different floor or is an event held in a different location this will be communicated beforehand.

There is a platform lift within the entrance lobby for visitors with limited mobility. The lift has an induction loop, as well as audible and visual guides. It is designed to carry a maximum capacity of two people and to operate every 10 minutes, performing 5 minutes of work and with a 5-minute break.

The building has three event spaces, one on each floor and each space has an accessible, gender neutral toilet no more than 20 metres from the event space. The toilets all contain free period products.

D/deaf visitors:

Hearing Induction Loops are provided in the ground floor main space (0 | 3), rear room (0 | 4) and first floor main space (1 | 4). The loop provides a wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting.

Blind or partially sighted visitors:

The spaces in the venue have signage that is also written in Braille.

On server image descriptions:

We encourage our community to ensure image descriptions are provided for images they post to help involve all users in a conversation equally. We are unable to commit to ensuring image descriptions are provided on all images posted on the server, as committee members are not looking at the server at all times, and cannot control what all members do.

If the committee has a need to post an image in an official capacity, then we commit to ensuring an image description is provided. 

If an image description is not provided, any other members may feel free to help by providing an image description. Please do this if you are able! However, please ensure that if a picture is of a person, you do not describe them further than a person to ensure you do not describe them in a way they would not appreciate.

If an image description is not provided and one would help you for any reason, please don’t be afraid to ask. We would like to keep this space as accessible as possible, and are sure that if you raise that you are having an issue, the community will make an effort to ensure one is provided.

How we accommodate neurodiversity:

The building offers a ‘phased’ arrival into multi-purpose activity spaces, as there is a corridor or lobby before entering each space. The library, lobbies and office spaces provide smaller spaces to be in a quiet environment. Where the space allows, we offer a quiet zone where people can go to decompress where needed and are always clear this space is for this purpose and to not take phone calls etc in this space. Our meets are typically on the ground floor and we use the separate library room located on this floor for this purpose.

We are a judgement free group and have a variety of neurodivergent needs within our community that we always keep in mind and understand if people need to quietly step away to decompress.

The building rooms have various or adjustable light settings that we can adjust as needed and we will typically have the lights set on low light.

You are always most welcome to get the attention of a committee member if you would like us to be made aware of or want to discuss something with us. We will do our best wherever we can though please be mindful that the Forge committee are all volunteers and are not trained to handle complex situations.

A Trans Only Space:

Forge are committed to running the group on a by trans people, for trans people basis to ensure it will always remain a space that understands the trans experience.

For this reason we ask that all who are at our meets fall under the trans umbrella. If you have a carer/partner/family/friend who does not fall under this umbrella who needs to accompany you for the meet, please make us aware beforehand and we will come to a solution to accommodate your needs.

We have a variety of gender expressions among us, people in varying stages of transition to people who have just begun to question. Please never feel you would not ‘look’ like you belong in our group or are not trans enough.

Assistance dogs:

Assistance dogs are welcome, and while the venue is pet friendly, we ask not to bring non assistance animals to the meet. Please let us know if an assistance dog will be accompanying you so we can announce beforehand there will be a dog with a job to do at the meet.

Faith spaces:

There are a number of smaller spaces across the venue that can be utilised for praying and reflection. Each floor has a number of washrooms available.

Medical Requirements:

You are welcome to bring any medicine, medical equipment, food or drink that helps you manage your medical condition. Each floor has a small fridge for any medication that requires cold temperatures. The building also has a kitchen with a microwave, hob and oven for any food that might need heating up.

Immunocompromised or chronically ill visitors:

Masks and hand sanitiser are supplied at the entrance of the building. Covid tests can be accessed in the Community Lounge on the ground floor.

Each of the event spaces have a background ventilation system that automatically adjusts to occupancy levels. The ventilation system works by drawing fresh external air (without circulation) into the building. The system filters fresh air for breathing and removes internal pollutants, Both the Community Lounge and Training Room also have windows to boost ventilation.


Be respectful, civil and polite. No transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism, etc. This includes the use of slurs/derogatory language. We acknowledge this gets tricky around reclaimed slurs, but as this is a public space we ask that you err on the side of caution. 

We ask spoiler tags or content warnings for any potentially sensitive content to be used. 

Generally we operate a 3-strike system. This means if you break the rules, you will be warned twice before being banned. However, this will be at the committee’s discretion and immediate bans may be considered for more serious problematic behaviour.


Forge are committed to running the group on a by trans people, for trans people basis to ensure it will always remain a space that understands the trans experience.

Forge and our venue are committed to inclusion and to eliminating barriers that our visitors could be faced by.

If you have any further access needs that aren’t covered throughout or have any feedback for us, please email, message committee or make use of Voltaire (Anonymous messaging option in the ‘rules’ channel of our discord server).