Volunteers Needed

We are currently recruiting for the following volunteer roles. Forge is a group with more than a decade’s history behind it and helping the trans community through volunteering can be a very fulfilling role. If you would like to contribute to helping run our group and get some experience for your CV, please get in touch!

Please note, you must be 18+ and AFAB trans/non-binary to volunteer for Forge. You must also be able to get to the LGBT Foundation (Manchester) on a semi-regular basis.

Social Media & Advertising

We are looking for someone to help manage Forge’s social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) and promote our meetings. We would also like them to try and find other ways of spreading the word about Forge (ex: finding places to hand out flyers, putting up posters, etc). This would require a few hours every month (flexible timing), which can be done from home, plus another couple of hours every few months to physically attend committee meetings. We would also prefer to see you attend and help run some of Forge’s meetings, although this is not necessary.

Binder Scheme Helpers

We are looking for several people to help out with the Forge Binder Scheme. This would involve photographing and listing binders on our Shopify system, packaging them and mailing them to people who order them. Prior experience with Shopify is not necessary but a general familiarity with computers is needed. The role is not very complicated but can be a bit time consuming and would need you to physically come to the LGBT Foundation where the binder scheme is operated. You will get guidance on how to do your role but be expected to do it mostly independently. We are looking for people who can contribute anywhere from a few hours a month to a few hours a week.


We are looking for someone who would be able to take over the Treasurer role as our Treasurer is due to leave their role in a few months’ time. This would involve keeping track of Forge’s finances, intakes and outgoings, managing the Forge bank account, etc. Prior experience of a treasurer role is beneficial but not required. We would expect you to be a responsible and trustworthy person. As this is one of the main Committee roles we would also expect you to attend most of Forge’s meetings and run some of them, as well as contributing regularly to the committee. This role involves about an hour of work a week, plus a few more hours every month for the Forge meeting, plus a few more hours every few months for the Committee meetings.